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  • Product English Name Main Features:Britain's original installation import printing ink (cartons/bottles), comparable to imported from the general domestic ink. Welcome the masses of customers and peers to choose. Britain's original installation import pri…【More】

  • Main Features:【More】

  • Main Features:【More】

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    Guangzhou Fang Jia mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., is the guangdong venture investment group co., LTD. Guangdong branch force development m&e section, according to the former was founded in 1994. The company over the years has been committed to become independent product research and development oriented high-growth high-tech enterprises. Development of diversified business, involving computer software and hardware product development, manufacturing product research and development, network and system integration, industrial materials, project investment and other fields. Guangzhou Fang Jia mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., mark a business was established in 2000, and in 2001 w…


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